Tuna In Spicy Sauce

Product code: Tuna in spicy sauce

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Net weight: 185gr


Tuna: 70% per serving; Sauces: 28.4% per serving (soya oil: 17.0%; Water: 10.2%; NaCl: 0.9% Modified Corn Starch: 0.3% per serving); Peppers: 1.6% per serving.

Use instruction:

Should be immediately use since opp


Store in a cool and dry place.


In case of unexpected allergy, please scan the ingredients carefully.

Manufacture and best-before date: on packaging

Nutrition facts:

Protein:                   ≥ 10% per serving.

NH3:                       ≤ 45mg/100g.

Histamin:                 ≤ 100mg/kg.

Fat:                           ≤ 16% per serving.

Omega 3:                  ≥ 100mg/100g.

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